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Dip Bar - ChasingBetter Rig Attachment

Dip Bar - ChasingBetter Rig Attachment

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The ChasingBetter Dip Bar is a great gymnastics accessory to add to your rig. The handles are angled allowing athletes of any size to find a comfortable grip. Easily mounted to the upright of a ChasingBetter Rig using the same straight forward pin and locking system as our J-Hooks, and is fully welded to handle even your toughest athletes the Dip Bar instantly adds a heavy-duty, fully adjustable dip station to your strength training arsenal. Use the Dip Bar to build your chest, shoulders and triceps. Dip training is fantastic accessory work to support a range of movements including ring muscle-ups, bar muscle-ups, push ups and other gymnastic and bodyweight movements on an off the bar.

Fits rig uprights
75mm x 75mm x 25mm (holes)

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