Collection: Farmers Carry Handles

NOT THE ANNOYING sideloaded farmers carry handles, these handles are top-loaded for ease of loading and unloading and walking without worrying about your clips failing!

Getting that grip strength down, pushing your heart rate through the roof, and building some nasty traps are some of the major benefits to doing heavy farmers carry. But many of us are limited to our heaviest set of dumbbells or kettlebells to run this movement. I personally got tired of stacking 2 or 3 kettlebells in each hand to get to a heavy farmer's carry, so I decided to do something about it and created the ChasingBetter farmer's carry handles!

Farmer’s walks are an homage to many men and women who have used their hands and bodies daily to the fullest. The ability to grip, pull, and hold anything in your hands is key to strength movements such as the deadlift. By increasing grip strength, people can often grip and rip heavier barbells and objects while maintaining proper technique and control.

Increasing the time spent under load (with controlled tension) can increase systemic hypertrophy and hormonal output. The ability to load for prolonged periods of time (also with heavy weights) can impact one’s ability to gain size and strength.
Increase Postural Strength, Control, and Injury prevention.

When carrying loads during walking and/or moving in various environments, postural control and strength are needed to allow for proper integrated movement to ensure efficiency and integrity of the vulnerable aspects of the body (spine). By doing loaded carries, you are able to train the deeper tissues around the spine. Doing so can enhance movement patterning, postural strength, and control in movements like squats, presses, and deadlifts.

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