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The necessary movement patterns of your body are the squat, push, pull, hinge, carry, lunge. Are you putting all of them in your training weekly? Are you just training bilaterally, or do you incorporate single side exercises also known as unilateral work?

Dumbbells can be used for every single one of these movement patterns AND done unilaterally.

By not training unilaterally, we become unbalanced, we don’t get to utilize our body to it’s full extent and we don’t replicate movements that are commonly used in real life, Coaches and athletes commonly ignore the well studied “Bilateral Deficit”. “The Bilateral limb deficit (BLD) phenomenon is the difference in maximal or near maximal force generating capacity of muscles when they are contracted alone or in combination with the contralateral muscles. A deficit occurs when the summed unilateral force is greater than the bilateral force.” Over time, poor movement mechanics and compensation patterning can lead to inefficient bar paths, overuse injury, and stalled progress. By addressing certain neuromuscular (movement patterning) and muscular (strength, hypertrophy, explosiveness) with unilateral training exercises, coaches and athletes can better develop and maintain muscle mass, conn ective tissues strength, and joint integrity.


Muscular and movement imbalances can affect the whole body. By only performing bilateral movements like bench press, squats and deadlifts you are missing out on another whole half of the cake. Increasing the body's habit of finding the path of least resistance sometimes causing overuse injuries and movement faults.

Simply adding unilateral training into one’s assistance program can improve potentially harmful muscular and movement-based imbalances.


Core stabilisation is another benefit that unilateral training has to offer. By training unilaterally, we challenge stabilising core muscles to support the loaded imbalances to promote sound movement patterns. Research suggests that single-leg step-ups led to greater muscle activity and core stabilization in the trunk, showcasing the value of unilateral exercises when trying to further develop core strength.

The main benefit of hex dumbbells over round dumbbells is they don’t roll. Which can be a HUGE hazard.
Hex Dumbbells can also be utilized for floor exercises like push-ups, and parallette work eg: L sits.


Two types!
Chrome handle - Looks shiny, smooth handle, Stands out in your gym, Suits nicely alongside other forms of Dumbbells.

Rubber grip coated - Our new coating moves away from your traditional chrome handles which eventually rust and are not as grippy. The rubber coating makes gym owners life so much smoother without needing to worry about replacing dumbbells or be weary of dumbbells rusting regularly.


ChasingBetter’s Rubber Hex Dumbbells are available in weights ranging from up to 50kg.
Our dumbbells are impact resistant and the hex design means they don’t roll and are easier to store.


Weight range: 1kg-50kg
Heavy-duty rubber encased head: minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the dumbbells themselves.
Ergonomic chrome plated handle

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