Collection: Pull-up Bar - Wall Mounted


The ease and simplicity of a “choose your own” height, location, and space allow you to expand your workout ability at home. Not being attached to a rig means you can put the wall mounted pull up bar WHEREVER you please, however high you please. Also, the fact that you have screwed the bar to the wall means the decrease in risk and increase in sturdiness is a big win so that anyone can work out on this bar.

Being wall mounted you have the choice within your own house as to where you want it mounted, so adjusting it to your specific height makes this very beneficial over buying a floor mounted rig, and can be placed so it takes up minimal spacing within the rest of the house or outdoor environment.


They are manufactured with our premium competition-grade rig material. The ChasingBetter wall mounted Pull-up bar is the perfect addition to your home or commercial gym. We designed this pull-up bar to closely mimic the grip, bar dimensions, and feel of a functional fitness gym rig.

With a nine-hole wall plate and designed with our powder-coated steel bar and arms, this pull-up bar is made to stand the test of time through constant repeated use.

Perform pull-ups, chin-up, muscle-ups, and other gymnastic movements targeting your arms, back, core. Add in a new functional dynamic to your workouts with the ChasingBetter Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar.


  • Pull-ups
  • Hanging – Grip work
  • Leg raises
  • Toes to bar
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