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Customised fitouts for gyms of all sizes

Our mission is to provide gym ownersand individuals with the opportunity to keep fit healthy without compromising on design, build quality or price of equipment. 


What does it mean to build with ChasingBetter? It’s about choosing to put your members and athletes first by providing them with a premium custom-built fitness facility, strategized, designed, and built from scratch.


design service

Investing in the quality of your facility can be challenging, especially with the abundance of equipment, brands, and build that vary in the quality. When building your facility, we want to ensure that you are a part of the entire process, from strategizing with your floor plan to picking the rig colors and seeing a simulation of the final product before the manufacture and installation process. This design process is entirely complimentary so you can get an accurate idea of how you want to build your gym without upfront payment.Features & Specs: 3mm thick, 75mm x 75mm Heavy-Duty Powered Coated Steel 25mm diameter holes. Large grain sandblasted bars to maximize the idea grip.Contact us today to discover how we can help build your dream gym.


Choose to customise your turf with any colour and single colour printing to match your branding and facility. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of consistent use from sleds, sprinters, vehicles and all variations of high impact training.


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