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Premium ChasingBetter EVA Safety Plyo Box

Premium ChasingBetter EVA Safety Plyo Box

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You won't scrape or bash your shins jumping on and off the EVA Safety Plyo Box.

Our box has a layer of EVA foam which prevents injuries you would normally get if you landed awkwardly on a standard wooden plyo box.

Our Box is not like other soft plyo boxes which are light and unstable, our box offers a very stable platform and does not easily topple over, allowing you to increase your speed and develop your power for increased athletic performance.

Offering incredible versatility, you can switch between 3 different heights with one box. One side measures in at 20" (51cm) while the additional 24" (60cm) and 30" (75cm) sides mean you can enjoy more exercises, target different muscle groups, and build on your overall ability.

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