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Agility Cone Set (16 Pack)

Agility Cone Set (16 Pack)

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Boost your plyometric training with our vibrant Multi-Coloured Agility Cones. These cones are an indispensable tool for your gym, crafted to optimize your speed, agility, and quickness training routines.

Each cone is carefully designed to withstand intense training sessions, made from robust, flexible material that rebounds after being stepped on. The bright, varied colours not only add a splash of excitement to your training but also allow for easy visibility and differentiation during complex drills.

Whether you're setting up a challenging obstacle course, marking boundaries, or crafting quick-footed agility drills, these cones are a must-have. Easily stackable and lightweight, our agility cones are as convenient as they are practical. Elevate your fitness level and athletic performance with our Multi-Coloured Agility Cones, your reliable partner for rigorous plyometric workouts.

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