Summer of WODs: Week 3 - Unleash the Heat with "Summer Garage Sizzle"

Summer of WODs: Week 3 - Unleash the Heat with "Summer Garage Sizzle"

Welcome back to the "Summer of WODs' ' series, brought to you by ChasingBetter WOD Supplies! As the summer sun blazes on, we're turning up the heat in your workouts. This week, we're excited to introduce the "Summer Garage Sizzle'' - a fiery 20-minute AMRAP challenge designed to push your limits and ignite your fitness journey.

Summer Garage Sizzle: 20-Minute AMRAP

30 Slam Ball Ground to Overhead:

This explosive movement combines power and coordination. Start with the slam ball on the ground. Lift it overhead in one smooth motion, fully extending your arms. Return it to the ground and repeat. This full-body exercise engages your legs, core, and arms, delivering a high-intensity impact.

30 Slam Ball Goblet Squats:

Embrace the burn with these intense squats. Hold the slam ball close to your chest, ensuring your elbows are under the ball. Squat down, keeping your back straight and knees in line with your toes. Rise back up to complete one rep. This variation targets your quads, glutes, and core, enhancing lower body strength and stability.

200m Slam Ball Carry:

Finish each round with a 200-metre carry. Hold the slam ball securely and maintain a strong posture. This carry builds endurance and tests your grip strength, challenging you to maintain form under fatigue.

We crafted this workout to make the most of your summer training. The "Summer Garage Sizzle" is not just about physical strength; it's about resilience, endurance, and the power of perseverance. Whether you're in your garage, at the park, or at the gym, this workout is designed to be accessible and challenging for athletes of all levels.

To tackle the "Summer Garage Sizzle," you'll need a quality slam ball. At ChasingBetter WOD Supplies, we offer a range of durable slam balls perfect for this workout. Our slam balls are designed to withstand the toughest workouts, ensuring they remain a staple in your fitness arsenal.

Tips for Success

  • Warm-Up Properly: Prepare your body with a dynamic warm-up focusing on mobility and activating key muscle groups.
  • Pace Yourself: It's a 20-minute grind. Start at a sustainable pace and aim to maintain it throughout the workout.
  • Stay Hydrated: Summer workouts mean more sweat. Keep hydrated before, during, and after your workout.
  • Focus on Form: Quality over quantity. Ensure you maintain good form, especially as you fatigue.

Join the Community

Share your "Summer Garage Sizzle'' experience with us! Post your workout photos or videos, tag ChasingBetter WOD Supplies, and use the hashtag #SummerOfWODs. Let's celebrate our fitness journey together, one sweaty workout at a time.

Stay tuned for next week's instalment of the "Summer of WODs" series. Until then, keep chasing better!

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