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Weightlifting Drop Mats (Pairs)

Weightlifting Drop Mats (Pairs)

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ChasingBetter Drop Mats are designed to sustain the heaviest of barbell drops. They will prevent damage to pavement and concrete floors and cause an almost silent drop of even the heaviest barbells. Meaning you can focus on hitting 1RM's and not damaging the floors or upsetting the neighbours, making our drop mats an essential item if you have barbell at home.

The mats are built strong and durable to last even the heaviest of lifts and the longest of sets. The mats have a high quality rip-proof vinyl cover and high density foam.

Dimensions: L x 76cm, W x 60cm, H x 16cm
                    L x100cm, W x x60cm, H x 28cm        

Sold in PAIRS.


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