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ChasingBetter WOD Supplies

Rubber Roll Out Ladder

Rubber Roll Out Ladder

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Transform your agility training with the ChasingBetter WOD Supplies' Rubber Roll Out Agility Ladder. This rollout ladder is your go-to tool for enhancing speed, coordination, and quickness in any workout setting.

Constructed from durable, high-quality rubber, our agility ladder offers superior longevity and performance, ideal for both commercial gym environments and high-intensity home workouts. Its roll-out design allows for quick setup and easy storage, promoting efficient training sessions.

Perfect for agility drills, the ladder enhances your speed training, footwork skills, and overall athletic performance. With the ChasingBetter WOD Supplies' Rubber Roll Out Agility Ladder, you can take your agility training to new heights.

Length: 459cm

Width: 42cm

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