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ChasingBetter Wolf Series Knee Sleeves

ChasingBetter Wolf Series Knee Sleeves

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Our 7mm Knee Sleeve is a dense support that provides the knee joint strong compression, powerful stabilisation, and warmth. Benefits include prevention of knee problems such as strains, overuse injuries, and swelling.

• Excellent for static, heavy weightlifting
• Helps prevent injuries by protecting your joints and soft tissues
• Made with 7mm SBR/ Neoprene
• Machine washable, warm; mesh delicate bag recommended

Joint Support and Stability

• Engineered for varied training, such as weightlifting and circuit training
• Construction allows for safe, optimal range of motion
• Improves muscle control and coordination
• Stays in place while you workout
• Provides a mental and physical feeling of safety

Flexible Compression

• Enables you to be agile and doesn’t restrict your movement
• Warms and maintains muscle temperature as you train
• Reduces wasted muscle energy
• Promotes blood flow to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery
• Lessens strains on knees during high-intensity training
• Helps to correctly guide your body’s movements

Size Guide

  • small 28cm - 31cm
  • medium 33cm - 36cm
  • large 37cm - 40cm
  • extra large 41cm - 45cm
  • XX Large 46cm - 49cm
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