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Medicine Ball Rack - 10 tier

Medicine Ball Rack - 10 tier

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Elevate your gym organisation with the ChasingBetter WOD Supplies' Medicine Ball Rack the latest upgrade in gym storage solutions from Australia's trusted fitness equipment provider. This innovative, sleek rack effortlessly houses your medicine balls, promoting a tidy, efficient, and high-performing workout environment.

The 2.0 version, crafted with top-tier steel, provides enhanced durability, perfect for high-intensity commercial or home gyms. It boasts multiple slots to accommodate a variety of medicine ball sizes, ensuring a place for every piece of equipment.

Our updated design optimises space utility, allowing easy access to your medicine balls, while adding a professional touch to your fitness area. Invest in the Medicine Ball Rack from ChasingBetter WOD Supplies for an upgraded, seamless, and functional gym experience. 

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