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Heavy Duty Sandbag

Heavy Duty Sandbag

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Our ChasingBetter reinforced Heavy-Duty Sandbags are now available. The bag consists of two parts: An outer Heavy duty cover with a Zip and Velcro - and a separate inner bag in which the sand needs to be filled. This give you two separate layers to distribute the force of the sand within the bag without mess or fuss.

Loadable sand bags are not filled and require clean dry sand or rubber filling to fill the inner bags and must be filled to weight using scales and are designed for their specific weights listed and not to be overfilled, under-filled or filled.

Quick filling guide:

  1. Open the Velcro tab on the top of the inner bag
    1. Fill with sand to the weight listed (Do not over fill or under fill)
      1. Close the Velcro tab on the inner bag
        1. Fold the tab over twice and connect the exposed Velcro to triple seal the inner bag
          1. Zip the outer bag close
            1. Affix the Velcro tab over the zip

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