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ChasingBetter Sandbag Kettlebells V2

ChasingBetter Sandbag Kettlebells V2

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The ChasingBetter Sandbag Kettlebells are back and better than ever. They are now made with an ultra durable, military grade material and available in 3 sizes to better suit your needs. Now designed with an army green colour and an embroidered ChasingBetter Logo the ChasingBetter Sandbag Kettlebell will look great in your home gym or back of your car for workouts on the go!

Our Sandbag Kettlebells are the perfect training accessory for beach workouts, workouts on the go and travel. They are also a great increment to add to everyday training. The kettlebells can be filled to any weight to be accordant with your training needs.

Our Sandbag Kettlebells are made from a high grade, ultra durable material and have a filler bag inside of the kettlebell. Reinforced stitching is used on our Sand Bag Kettlebells to make them extra durable. The kettlebells can be used for exercises such as swings, snatches, cleans, squats and carries.

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