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ChasingBetter CrossFit Performance Grips

ChasingBetter CrossFit Performance Grips

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For Oversized Feel Size Up

These Crossfit grips are designed for people who train hard and demand something better. Our grip is built from durable Kevlar with a thin profile that won't slip or stretch.

Whether you're a Crossfit athlete or not, our Performance Grips give you a competitive edge and protection, giving you the confidence to train at your best. They're designed for combat with their abrasion-resistant Kevlar, moisture-wicking fabric and non-slip grip.

  • Kevlar for abrasion resistance and moisture-wicking
  • Non slip
  • Chalkless use
  • Thin & comfortable
  • No stretching or sagging even after prolonged use

Size Guide:

XS -Below 9cm

S- 9cm - 10cm

M- 10cm -11cm

L- 11cm -12cm

XL - 12cm - 13cm

XXL- Above 13cm

*Measurement is from the top to the bottom of palm

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