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ChasingBetter EVA Jerk Blocks (Pair)

ChasingBetter EVA Jerk Blocks (Pair)

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ChasingBetter Foam Olympic Lifting Jerk Blocks

Compared to your traditional blocks these are much lighter and thus easy to move. We have used firm EVA foam to make these block and have added a wood support in the middle of the larger block for extra stability. The foam makes the blocks quiet when dropping. They can be used as drop mats. The block also come in very handy for step ups and the assist athletes reach pull-up bars etc

Stackable Jerk Blocks are often utilised in weight training as a way for athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to the rack position on each rep. With their combined durability and ease of use, ChasingBetter's Jerk Block sets provide a wealth of other potential uses: block pulls, clean/snatch from blocks, partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups, box jumps.

- 15", 12", 8.5" & 4" (Full Set)


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