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ChasingBetter Diamond Hand Grips Fingerless - Version 2

ChasingBetter Diamond Hand Grips Fingerless - Version 2

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Don’t waste time re-chalking during a workout. Our ChasingBetter Diamond Grips require no chalk! The grips unique diamond design offers a strong grip perfect for pull-ups, farmers carries, dumbbell and kettlebell movements.

Our grips are super thin and also includes a custom wrist strap, positioned beneath the buckle, that provides ample support without digging uncomfortably into your wrist.

  • No Chalk Grip
  • Carbon Fibre Diamond Design
  • No Finger Holes
  • Custom hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Colour: Black
Size Guide:

XS: Below 9.5 cm
S: 9.5cm - 10.5cm

*Measurement is from the top to the bottom of palm
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