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ChasingBetter Space Saver Squat Rack

ChasingBetter Space Saver Squat Rack

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The ChasingBetter Space Saver Squat Rack is well suited for both home gyms and boxes. Because the two stands are not attached it is easy to store and transport.

The ChasingBetter Space-saving squat rack is the perfect addition to your home gym if you're low on space but still want the option to train with a rack. Built with our custom heavy-duty powder coated steel material, the same material used in our popular

Designed for maximum portability and convenience.

Designed for 20kg or 15kg Olympic barbells.

Add essential compound movements into your training such as:

  • front squats
  • back squats
  • Military press
    We do not recommend using spotter arms in conjunction with this rack. Given the style of build, this rack only supports weight when resting on the vertical j-hooks. We also do not recommend using this rack for bench press.

    The base stand dimensions for a single stand is 63cm X 60cm.
    The max height of the adjustable vertical beams is 2.1m
    The max weight loading is 500kg.
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