Salty Sweats & Kettlebell Sets | Summer of WODS ☀️💪

Salty Sweats & Kettlebell Sets | Summer of WODS ☀️💪

This summer we will be releasing a weekly summer workout, designed to help you embrace the spirit of summer and get outside and moving!

Today, we're thrilled to introduce a workout that merges the power of CrossFit with the soothing ambiance of the shore. As part of our Summer of WODs series, we present "Salty Sweats and Kettlebell Sets " — a beachside adventure designed to elevate your fitness game while immersing you in the summertime vibes. Grab your kettlebells, towel, and let's dive into a workout experience that'll redefine your understanding of seaside strength.


Warm-up (5-10 minutes):


Light Jogging Along the Shoreline:

  • Begin your beachside fitness journey with a leisurely jog along the shoreline. Feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the sand, and let the summer breeze set the tone for an exciting workout.

Dynamic Stretches:

  • Get your body ready for action with dynamic stretches – arm circles, leg swings, and hip openers. Connect with the natural surroundings as you prepare your muscles for the challenges ahead.

Bodyweight Exercises:

  • Embrace the beach atmosphere with squats, lunges, and push-ups. Let the sand add resistance to your movements, turning these basic exercises into a comprehensive warm-up experience.

Salty Sweats and Kettlebell Sets (For Time):


200m Swim:

  • Dive into the ocean and kick off the Seaside Challenge with a refreshing 200-metre swim..(This can be swapped out for a 500m run if swimming is not an option)

50 Kettlebell Thrusters (16/10 kg):

  • Transition to the sandy shore for a set of kettlebell thrusters. Here is a video for technique.

30 Wave Jump Burpees:

  • Spice things up with wave jump burpees.If possible embrace the challenge of timing your jumps with the incoming waves. It adds a dynamic element to this classic exercise.


200m Swim:


50 Kettlebell Thrusters (35/24 lb)


30 Wave Jump Burpees


200m Swim


Salty Sweats and Kettlebell Sets is more than just a workout; it's an immersive fitness experience designed to embrace the spirit of summer. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness novice, this beach workout invites you to bask in the warmth of the season while sculpting a stronger, more resilient you!

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